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The Noah Homayouni Lacrosse Foundation Donations

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2022 Donations:

2023 Donations:


2021 Donations:

  • Supporting 1 OWL Scholar (Chicago)

  • New Sticks for 2 City Lax Teams (NYC)

  • Support for Bronx Lacrosse players

  • 4 Athletic Scholarships (South Carroll High School)

  • 1 Financial Scholarship (Howard Community College)

  • New Helmets and Chest Protectors for South Carroll Youth Lacrosse

Some of our USA Lacrosse Grant recipients from South Hagerstown, MD!

The NH10 Foundation proudly donates monies to purchase equipment for schools, foundations, clubs, and individuals that want to play lacrosse but have a financial need.  In addition, the NH10 Foundation awards $1000 scholarships annually to graduating lacrosse player(s) from South Carroll High School that demonstrate Noah's character traits as a person and his commitment as a student athlete. The NH10 Foundation also provides a $2500 scholarship to the Howard Community College Men's Lacrosse program, where Noah was committed to play.

The NH10 Foundation strongly believes that sports are important for both mental and physical health for children.  Playing lacrosse was a postive influence on Noah as an athlete, as a student, and as a human. Read about his journey here. Our goal is to make certain finances are not a barrier to anyone willing to  learn about and play the game.

The Noah Homayouni Lacrosse Foundation is a non-profit, Section 501 (c) (3) organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Most importantly, your donation will go towards growing the game that Noah loved and dedicated his time and passion towards, keeping his spirit alive.

If you are or know someone in need please contact us for more information.

We accept donations through Venmo @NH10_Foundation. We are also a PayPal confirmed charity and part of the PayPal Giving Fund.  

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